Nothing better than this. I can’t wait… only a few more hours!
This quote right here is my life philosophy. If I believed everyone who said my dreams were unreasonable or impossible, I would’ve never achieved them. Believing this instead has led me to those moments people “could only dream of”, some of the best experiences of my life. Too many people don’t go after what they really want. Take chances, let failure push you harder, and never be afraid to dream.

Anonymous asked: I saw it before it was deleted. Thank you.

You’re welcome. It felt stupid leaving it up for someone who wasn’t going to see it, but I guess I was wrong. Was the scar question you too then?

The death of Robin Williams has taught me a very important lesson: that you can be loved by the entire world and still feel incredibly alone. I think his death comes as such a shock to the world because he is the epitome of happiness and is so “full of life”, that his way of leaving us all seems an impossible contradiction.
To a man whose performances had an impact on my interest in pursuing a career in entertainment. I don’t think there will be another quite like you. A true talent who I always hoped I’d somehow have the pleasure of meeting one day. 
Rest in Paradise, Robin Williams. Make em’ laugh in heaven.
RIP. I’m gutted about this loss.